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We Recycle your used toner cartridges

Our Service is simple – The Hassle Free Empty Cartridge Collection Service! We rescue your empty cartridges for REUSE!

NOTE: We only collect Original manufactured cartridges or Toner Express cartridges. Unfortunately we are unable to collect compatible or 3rd party toners. If you are unsure, please call us to discuss

Step 1.

Once you have collected your original used cartridges place them into any Box. Seal the box with packaging tape making sure the box is secure for transport.

Step 2.

Email, or call Toner Express toll free 0800 008 005 to organise a collection. We will e-mail you a pre-paid / self addressed courier ticket for you to use on each box.

Step 3.

Once you have received your ticket(s) from Toner Express follow the instructions on the form by calling the courier to collect your box. Please ensure you firmly attach the ticket to the box

More detailed information can be found on