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Service Agreements

Toner Express offers Service Agreements on approved printers and copiers.

  • Brand New & Ex-lease Equipment
  • An agreement to provide all consumables (toners or inks) and to provide all necessary service and repairs on a fixed, per-page cost. 
    • For a machine owned by the client, or
    • For a machine owned and supplied by Toner Express. 

The advantages for the customer are:

  • The certainty of knowing your cost of printing. You pay only for what you print and you know what it will cost per page.
  • You are relieved of the responsibility of maintaining the printer and of solving printing problems.
  • Such an agreement enables a client with limited budget to use equipment that is suitable for their workload and other requirements - large format, high volume printing, colour etc.

Service Agreements are generally not a realisitc solution for low-volume users, who may be better off with a low-cost machine.

We are not tied to a single brand, so we are able to give unprejudiced advice about the alternatives available.

Our policy is to offer the solution that is best suited to our client’s needs. We do not ‘up-sell’ our clients into arrangements that may be profitable to Toner Express, but not in the customer’s best interest. Essentially we want you to be satisfied that the solution we offer for your printing requirements is the best one.

Please contact us on 0800 008 005 to discuss your needs. We will ask a few questions and help you make a wise decision.